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My name is Aneta Baraniak and I am a Certified Mindfulness and Compassion Trainer.

I help people to be more aware of themselves, their reactions and the actions they made. I teach them to be more aware of others and life environment around them. I am grateful to be part of this global mindfulness movement which involves each area of our life.

I truly believe that through using mindfulness we help each other to raise awareness and promote activities to make the world a better place by promoting systemic and social transformation.

I provide courses and workshops for individuals and organisations since 2014. I am very passionate about inspiring the young generation, including technology entrepreneurs, to build their mental resilience based on the approach of mindfulness and compassion.

As a qualified Mindfulness in the Workplaces Trainer I was running courses for the global corporates and local organisations.

I began my professional life working in the Financial Institutions in Poland and Ireland where I am currently living since 2005. In 2013 I introduced myself to Mindfulness that thought me live more balanced life and cope with stress and worry. I made friends with my inner critic and fear and that gave me a new perspective of living more mindful life.

Through the Mindfulness training, I participate in people transformation to cultivate intention, authenticity and wisdom.

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Aneta Baraniak

Our Mission

The core of the Mindful Based Living is to create a sustainable, healthy and ethically conscious community through develop and deliver the finest quality mindfulness to individuals and organisations. We are passionate about helping individuals to integrate mindfulness in their daily life. Our intention is to share mindfulness with people of all cultural, religious, social and geographic boundaries. that serves as an attainable and attractive model for the rest of the world. We are passionate about helping companies transform wellbeing and the work culture by supporting individuals and leaders to establish a mindful culture and cultivate authenticity and social skills.

Our Vision

At Mindful Based Living we envision a society in which we relate to others, the environment, and ourselves with clarity and compassion. By inviting individuals & organisations to our courses, workshops and retreats we hope to create a sustainable, healthy and ethically conscious communities.

As we grow in mindfulness, we see our biases in a clearer light, understand their impact on our behaviour and become more open and able to adopt inclusive behaviour. Developing inclusion in our words and actions can be achieved through mindfulness.

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"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather!" - Perma Chödrön

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