Positive Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness

What is Positive Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness?

I had recently finished the Professional Course in Positive Neuroplasticity with Dr Rick Hanson. His experiential educational program is about how to turn beneficial experiences into lasting inner resources. Potential inner resources include resilience, emotional balance, grit, patience, generosity, positive mood, mindfulness, confidence, feeling cared about, self-understanding, and compassion. In this training, we often refer to these resources as inner strengths.

Learning and benefits

In this experiential journey into positive brain change you will learn how to:

  • Feel less stressed, worried, hurt, and resentful
  • Hardwire peace of mind, contentment, and self-compassion into your brain
  • Grow specific inner strengths you need for challenges and old pain
Overview of the Positive Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness course:
  • Using mindfulness to let be, let go, and let in Overcome the brain’s negativity bias
  • Create beneficial, useful experiences Intensify positive thoughts and feelings Have a strong sense of being on your own side
  • Recognize and honor your deep needs Grow the inner resources you need most
  • Get the benefits of self-compassion Manage threats with calm strength Feel more thankfulness and joy

"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather!" - Perma Chödrön

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