What is MBCL?

Mindfulness Based Compassion Living (MBCL) is an 8-week course that teaches participants how to cultivate compassion and self-compassion. It was developed by Dr. Erik van den Brink, a psychiatrist, and MBSR teacher Frits Koster.

The 8-week MBCL program involves learning and practicing mindfulness-based exercises to cultivate compassion and self-acceptance. It also teaches participants how to be better able to better handle the tendency to be self-critical and to feel ashamed and guilty.

Learning and benefits

MBCL is also a stress management and burn-out prevention program.

MBCL exercises help participants to experience feelings of warmth, safety, acceptance and a bond with themselves and others. The MBCL sessions also include a focus on how to handle difficult emotions and challenging situations in a compassionate way, making MBCL a way of coping with the effects of depression, anxiety, trauma, disease, chronic pain, etc.

Overview of the MBCL course:
  • Inner patterns
  • The compassion mode
  • Self and others
  • Happiness for all
  • Compassion in daily life
  • The healing power of compassion

"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather!" - Perma Chödrön

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