I had a wonderful experience. I had taken an online course from India. Aneta is an amazing tutor and this course changed my life for the better.

Madhumita Chattopadhyay

‘I found our sessions very interesting and helpful with several personal benefits and also some good tips to improve my work approach.’

‘I really liked the communication exercise and the different meditations moments, especially the suggestions about being more aware of my thoughts and learning how to accept them or let them go.’

‘I learned how to focus on present moment and how manage my feelings and emotions.’


‘I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful at an extremely stressful time in my life, outside of work. I really am seeing how being mindful is helping me cope much better.’

‘I started implementing mindfulness to the daily activities like, paying attention to a single task, observing and changing my relation to my thinking patterns.’

‘I enjoyed every single sessions and I am looking forward to continue practising mindfulness with more activities in the future.’


"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather!" - Perma Chödrön

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